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Paul T. Novack, Founder and Operating Manager, is a graduate of Penn State University and has 30 years of residential and commercial building experience. He has been resourcing, defining, and selling environmentally friendly building products since 1991.

Paul is considered one of the leading experts in the field of ecologically correct and non-toxic construction materials, with his consulting services being sought by architects, builders and end users.

Paul is working closely with the medical profession and environmental scientists in creating non-toxic environments for their patients.

Paul has also consulted for many magazines and has been featured in numerous articles and TV shows. In addition to consulting, Paul has lectured to universities such as Columbia, Temple, Pratt, and F.I.T and many health organizations.

Environmental Depot in Texas is locally owned by Alyssa and Jon Alvord, in Austin. Alyssa is a long time MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) sufferer, who has progressed immensely in the last couple years. She shares her knowledge by personally testing and approving every product Environmental Depot offers. She is also available for private consultation.

Environmental Depot is a member of

Member US Green Building Council

Mission Statement

  • To provide the new construction and remodeling industry with building/interior design material and home products that are green, environmentally friendly, ecologically safe and non-toxic.
  • To supply alternative materials that are researched and obtained from sustainable, natural, hypo allergenic, and recycled sources.
  • To offer the means for the consumer to obtain quality materials and products at a competitive cost that are safe and healthy for the home and office through mail-order and our stores.
  • To specialize in the greening of homes and work places for those people with chemical sensitivities, allergies, asthmas, cancer and other related illnesses, so they can live or work in a non-toxic environment.
  • To make available to the developer, architect, designer, contractor, and homeowner alternative materials that comply with the LEEDS program of the U.S. Green Building Council.

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