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Alternatives to plywoods and other formaldehyde/non-sustainable woods.
Kirei Board
Kirei Board Sorghum

This is a beautiful natural material made with renewable non-toxic components. Strong, lightweight and environmentally friendly, Kieri board is an easily worked engineered panel product usable in nearly any architectural application, such as flooring, furniture, Wall, Window Coverings and cabinetry. It has excellent dimensional stability and screw holding power, resisting warping and allowing solid attachment of cabinet hardware. Comes in plank and sheet sizes.

MDF Board MDF Board Medium Density Fiberboard

MDF is the product formed from the highest quality fiber of waste-wood chips as the raw material bonded by heat with resin glue and pressed into sheets in continuous process under computerized control. The sheets are cut and made available in different popular sizes. The quality is even and smotth all through and capable of being machined into all sorts of furnitures and building materials.

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