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  Clay Plasters

Interior, Solvent-Free Clay Plasters

Our interior clay plaster forms a breathable, moisture-regulating wall treatment that actively functions as part of your environment. It has anti-static characteristics, and due to its absorbency, will also help to neutralize unpleasant odors.

Application and other technical information: Interior Solvent-Free Clay Plaster is a topcoat veneer that can be installed on any dry, plaster-appropriate substrate. That includes uncoated existing masonry surfaces such as adobe, brick, and cement, and new veneer plaster substrates such as “blueboard” or US Gypsum’s Imperial Board®. With the exception of natural adobe, our clay plaster is generally intended to be applied over a basecoat veneer plaster that forms a sound substrate. However, a streamlined application is possible, even over previously painted surfaces.

Each 55 pound bag should be mixed with four to six quarts of clean water. Very dry and absorbent substrates should be misted with water from a spray bottle to prevent rapid drying of this product, and increase the strength of the bond to the substrate. The target thickness should be 3/32 nominal and the material should be applied from a hawk and worked with a metal finishing trowel. While wet it can be worked and customized with the tools of your choice such as wooden floats and sponges. The minimum application temperature is 66 F (5 C). Our plaster can be made more toolable by mixing it the evening prior to application, then covering it with a wet cloth.

Ingredients: Clay and Sand.Coverage: Each 55 pound bag will cover 50 to 100 square feet depending upon substrate porosity and installer preferences.

  Clay Paints

Interior, Waterbased, Solvent-Free Clay Paint

Our Clay Paints are made from naturally occurring clays and come in a range of natural earth tones and textures. They create a warm ambiance and constitute a functional wall treatment that respires with your environment. They economically simulate real clay plasters and are extremely low- odor during application.

Usage: Clay Paints can be applied to most interior surfaces including previously painted surfaces in sound condition, gypsum board (drywall), various plasters, and masonry.

Specifications: Because our Clay Paints form an absorbent matt finish, they are vulnerable to staining. Therefore, we generally recommend this product for low-impact and residential wall applications only. It’s spatter resistant during application and may be coated with other products without removing it. Although Terra Clay Paints are washable, we discourage frequent or abrasive cleaning.

Application: Clay Paints are compatible with standard brush and roller application, and two coats are recommended.

Coverage: Up to 400 square feet per gallon depending upon surface texture and porosity.

Ingredients: Water, Clay, Porcelain Clay, Chalk, Alcohol Ester (as a binder), Cellulose, preservative, Titanium Dioxide.

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