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Provides True Color as in Natural Sunlight
Reduces Eye Fatigue
Increases Visual Acuity and Comfort
Creates a Colorful, People-Pleasing Environment
Long Life Averaging 5000 hours

The Chromalux bulb has its origin in Finland, Land of the Midnight Sun, where life must be sustained in almost total darkness for a few months of the year. Extensive research and testing there, resulted in the design of this unique light source, which closely simulates natural daylight.

Chromalux lights are made of special composition glass that is not colored or coated, but instead contains a rare earth element (Neodymium) used in lasers. This earth element is able to absorb yellow and other dulling components of the spectrum, resulting in crisp and more vibrant colors. Chromalux provides bright light that closely mimics the spectrum of Natural Sunlight (infrared, visible spectrum and beneficial U.V.A. rays).

Manufactured in Europe to the highest standard, Chromalux is long life (5,000 hours average), has a heavy-duty filament construction, and outlasts competitors three to four times. Chromalux is the original full spectrum lamp for healthier and happier individuals.

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