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Best Paint is designed to reduce toxic air pollutants, reduce sick building syndrome and complaints about paint odors. There are no added biocides in our Microsol product line. Best Paints was formed in 1989 when the founder was hospitalized after using epoxy paint. As a reaction, the founder decided to make a paint that was superior to conventional paint and would not use harmful chemicals, or give off toxic gasses known as VOC's (volatile organic compounds). Best Paint was on the forefront in 1989 in creating Low-VOC paint, and eventually a Zero-VOC paint. Again Best Paint is on the forefront with its improved product by virtually eliminating Biocides, without compromising its hard ceramic like finish in its interior paint.
Best paints Products:
Microsol Pva 050 Primer/Sealer
Microsol 2000 Gloss Interior Latex Enamel
Microsol 2010 Satin Interior Latex
Microsol 2020 Flat Interior Latex
Microsol 2030 Eggshell Interior Latex
Duracryl 50 Exterior Primer
Duracryl Semigloss 400 Interior Exterior Acrylic Latex
Duracryl Eggshell 430 Interior Exterior Acrylic Latex
Best Universal Primer
Best 2710 Floor Paint Interior
Best 2711 Floor Paint Exterior

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