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EcoSmart Technologies Insecticide

EcoEXEMPT products are minimum risk products composed entirely of food grade materials, “Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS)” by the FDA, are not required to be registered by the EPA, and are generally exempt from reporting and notification requirements. EcoPCO products are reduced risk products that are registered by the EPA but have been expedited due to their favorable environmental connotations.

· Patented Technology.
· Effective Against a Broad Spectrum of Insect Pests.
· No Known Pest Resistance
· Products for Quick Knockdown, Control and Residual Protection.
· Products for Both Interior and Exterior Applications.
· Cost Effective versus Traditional Pesticides.
· Reduced-Risk and Minimum-Risk Products.

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MDF Board Buggy Beamer Roach Trap

The Buggy Beamer Roach Trap is powered by low power, Pulsed Circuit Technology. Batteries last over a year. 24 hour Infrared beam detects Roaches. High Speed Trap Technology Deposits Roaches into a Sanitary Disposable Cartridge.
Roach Trap continues trapping until Cartridge is full.
Natural cannibalism increases capacity.
More economical than sticky traps which may capture 3-10 roaches depending on size.
Disposable Cartridge keeps dead roaches along with potential germs, disease, and allergens, in a sanitary cartridge.
No Health threatening chemicals, Pesticides or poisons.

Seabright Seabright Laboratories
wast trap

Yellow Jacket & Wasp Trap and Bait

Easy to Use • Effective • Non Toxic • Serviceable

Reusable, high capacity trap and remarkably effective, in easy-to-open foil envelope.

Non-toxic pest control for all outdoor activities

Outdoor restaurants and fast food outlets
Yards, picnic, fishing and barbecue areas
Campgrounds and swimming pools
Parks and school yards

More effective than competing traps but costs half as much.
Clear plastic construction for easy visual inspection.
Endorsed by entomologists, schools, and park & recreation departments.

Perma-Guard Diatomaceous Earth Products
  PERMA-GUARD is the trade name for a grade and quality of Diatomaceous Earth (DE). Actually, DE is not an earth. It is the fossilized remains of microscopic shells created by one celled plants called DIATOMS. When insects come in contact with DE, their shell is worn through and death is by dehydration. There is no survival and no immunity.

These products do not contain persistent chemicals harmful to the environment and to higher forms of life, to which insects become immune - it is an organic insecticide.


Perma-Guard Household Insecticide
For control of roaches, silverfish, ants, bedbugs, flies, fleas, box elder bugs, scorpions, crickets, and many others! Perma-Guard Household products are licensed to be used in and around the home, yard, animal housing, etc. It can be applied as a dry dust, or mixed with water at the rate of 2 oz. per quart and sprayed as a liquid.
Perma-Guard Household Insecticide can be applied using any equipment to handle dust or powder, whether it be hand or power operated.

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Fire Ant Powder D-20
In a short period of time, any home owner can rid his property of Fire Ants, with no danger to his children, pets, or to the environment.

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Shell Guard
Long-Term Protection
Shell-Guard provides the ultimate protection for the wood in your log home. This EPA-registered, new-generation borate fungicide and insecticide is formulated with the same kind of glycol-carrier used in cosmetics and foods.

Shell-Guard is easy to use, completely odorless and requires just one application for the life of your home.

Shell-Guard is deadly to most wood predators. Shell-Guard destroys fungi that cause wood rot and also kills wood-destroying insects. The active ingredients are eaten and transported to nesting sites, eliminating the colony. Shell-Guard uses moisture in the wood to penetrate the entire log and kill insects deep within the wood.

Shell-Guard is your best protection against:

Rot fungi
Powderpost beetles
Old house borer larvae
Carpenter ants

Shell-Guard is a liquid applied by spraying or brushing onto clean, bare wood. Applied to all surfaces after construction and before finishing, Shell-Guard easily penetrates and quickly protects. Alternatively, you can drill and inject Shell-Guard into insect galleries and hotspots.

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Armor Guard
Armor-Guard is a water soluble inorganic borate salt with insecticidal, termiticidal and fungicidal properties. Armor-Guard is effective for protection and remedial treatment of wood against wood-destroying organisms, including the target pests listed below. This product can be used for remedial treatment of wood infested with target organisms, for preventative treatment of wood in existing structures (before signs of infestations), or for pre-treatment of wood during construction.

Target Organisms:
Subterranean termites
Reticulitermes, Heterotermes, Coptotermes (Formosan)
Drywood termites
Kalotermes, Incisitermes
Dampwood termites
Carpenter Ants
Powder post beetles
"False" powder post beetles
Furniture and deathwatch beetles
Old house borers, longhorn beetles
Ambrosia beetles

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