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Environmetal Products
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Paint brushes, rollers, utility knives, painting tapes, etc.

Titebond Solvent Free Adhesives
Murco Joint Compound
Kontaktkleber Plant Based Non-Toxic Contact Glue
Taylor EnviroTec/ MetaTec
AFM Safecoat 3 in 1 Adhesive
Ardex Thinsets/ Grouts

Air Purification
Aller Air Residential & Industrial
Austin Air Residential
Molecular Adsorber Chemical Odor Adsorber
Pure Ayre Natural Spray Odor Eliminator

Organic cotton innerspring mattresses
Organic cotton futons
Natural latex mattresses

Titebond Painters Caulk/ Tub & Tile Caulk
AFM Safecoat All Purpose
PermaChink All Purpose

Cleaning Products & Supplies
AFM Safecoat Super Clean & Safety Clean
Natural Chemistry Glass Cleaner, Pool & Spa Cleaner
Clean Environment Co. Full array of cleaning products
Orange-Sol Stainless Steel Cleaner/ Grout Cleaner
Natural Sponges
Wool Mops
Scouring and Cleaning Pads

Concrete Products
Ardex Levelers, Underlayments, Toppings, Patching
Titebond Caulks & Sealants
AFM Waterproofing & Sealants

Decking Materials
Plastic lumber for decks & playground equipment,
made from recycled milk jugs. No treated lumber needed.
Decking, railings, posts, etc.
Deck Strippers & Deck Sealers
Deck Brighteners & Cleaners

R-8 cotton insulated semi-flex ductwork
R-8 cotton insulated duct wrap
Cotton insulated registers

Earth Plasters and Tools
Earth Plasters, bags, Natural Colors, Interior

Floor Finishes
Low Toxic Water Based Urethane
Natural Penetrating Oil
Natural Oil Wax
Sanding Sealer

Natural Carpets Wool & other Natural Fibers
Cork Flooring Tiles & Floating Floor
Hardwood Flooring Reclaimed, Sustainable, & Felled
Bamboo Sustainable Plank Flooring
Recycled Rubber Interior/Exterior, Tiles & Sheet
Natural Linoleum Tiles & Sheet

Insulation & Radiant Barrier
Bonded Logic Natural Cotton Insulation, R13 & R19 Batts
Reflectix Radiant Barrier
Insul-Foil Vapor Barrier

Chromalux Full Spectrum Long Life Bulbs & Fluorescents

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
Formaldehyde free

AFM Safecoat Primers, 0 VOC Interior & Exterior
Best Paints Primers, 0 VOC Interior & Exterior
Bioshield Milk Paint, Clay Paint

Paint Strippers
Back To Nature Professional Strength

Paper Goods
Paper towels/toilet paper
Natural fire starters
Organic cotton & hemp shower curtains

Pesticides and Insecticides
Diatomaceous Earth Natural Insect Killer & Preventative
EcoSmart Full Array of Pest Control
Roach Traps With Bait, Non-Toxic
Wasp/Hornet Traps With Bait, Non-Toxic
Smart Mouse Trap
PermaChink Shell Guard, Armor Guard

Protective Sealers
AFM Safecoat Wood, Concrete, Vinyl, & Paint Sealants
PermaChink Interior & Exterior Wood Sealants

Safety Supplies
Masks for chemical filtration, painting, dust and pollen, etc.

Solar attic fan, easy installation, virtually noiseless.

AFM Wood, Concrete Stains
PermaChink Interior & Exterior Stains

Structural Panels
Agriboard Interior & Exterior Panels

Testing Supplies
A full line of testing supplies: mold, radon, water, EMFs, etc...

Whole house water filtration and purification systems, with or without UV.
Under sink, countertop & showerheads for water purification.
On demand hot water heaters, whole house or under sink applications.
Dechlorinating filter for garden hose.

Wall paper
Natural Wallpapers (Vinyl-Free)

Window treatments
Interior: Natural Window Shades
Exterior: Energy Saving Solar Shades

Our inventory is always growing and evolving, so check with us often.

Building and Remodeling

Paints, Finishes, Sealants
Adhesives, Grouts, Thinsets, Caulks
Cements, Clays, Plasters
Alternative Wood Products
Alternative Building Systems
Insulation, Ductwork

Around The House

Air Filters
Water Filters
Insect Control
Organic Bedding
Shower Curtains
Wall, Window Coverings

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