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During summer months, attic temperatures can reach 150° F. and unless properly ventilated will radiate into the living space of your home. This radiant heat is stored in the ceiling and walls of your home and increases the ambient air temperature throughout the day and into the night until it is dissipated. In fact your house makes it own microclimate. During the evening you will notice that the air temperature in you home is much warmer than outside. This simple principle of thermodynamics is easy to understand and by installing the Cyclone Solar Powered Attic Fan, you will immediately feel a difference in the air temperature within you home.

Homes with cathedral or open beam ceilings have even a greater problem with radiant heat. In fact it could be more pronounced if the home owner has a loft. The Cyclone Solar Powered Fan works equally well in these areas or a mix of attic and cathedral or open beam.

Homeowners that rely on air conditioning to cool their homes will notice a significant savings in the cost to operate their AC unit. Also they will be able to improve the air quality within their homes by using their AC unit less often.

Solar Ventilation and Cooling

When you install a Cyclone of Super Cyclone, the temperature will be lowered by replacing the hot air in your attic or home interior with the cooler exterior ambient air and as a result your home will become more comfortable. Solar energy that begins at dawn and continues throughout the day provides the energy to continuously move hot air out of your home, eliminating heat buildup that causes your home to become uncomfortably hot. Not only is you home cooler as a result, but also additional years are added to the life of your roofing materials as well as other parts of your home.

The Cyclone or Super Cyclone can be used to vent heat from an attic, or the interior of the house. Houses with open beam or cathedral ceiling are especially hot and the hot air can be removed where it is trapped. With the addition of a flexible tube, hot air can be removed from any room.

  • easy installation
  • no wiring
  • no fire hazard
  • extend roof life
  • low noise
  • moisture reduction
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