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Homeowners that rely on air conditioning to cool their homes will notice a significant savings in the cost to operate their AC unit after installing the Cyclone Solar Fan. Also they will be able to improve the air quality within their homes by using their AC unit less often.

Some benefits of Solar Power are the easy installation, no wiring required, works only when needed, lowers your electric bill, and expands roof life by reducing drastic temperature changes.


Authentic Roof
Authentic Roof

Authentic Roof is the first true environmentally responsible building/roofing material for the construction industry. Made from Recycled Material and is also completely recyclable. Specifically designed and engineered to be an improvement on real slate, it weighs and costs less but looks and lasts the same with the exception of some precision crafted enhancements for it's usability and performance.

Made with Baljen TPO material ( Another World first ) Full Slate, Mitered Edge, Beaver Tail.

Available Colors & Designs: Bavarian Black, Virginia Dark Grey, Galveston Lite Grey, Colorado Green, Paris Plum.


The eco-shake is an innovative roofing material comprised of 100% recycled materials, reinforced vinyl and cellulose fiber. The eco-shake shingle is designed to resemble and replace wood shake shingles.

The eco-shake has a Class A fire rating and a Class 4 impact rating, the highest ratings achievable from Underwriters Laboratories (UL®). The eco-shake is lightweight and has been installed in over 45 states, Canada and the Caribbean. The eco-shake performs admirably even in extreme weather conditions with no cracking, fading or curling. In fact, an eco-shake roof requires no maintenance and is so durable it is backed by a 50 year transferable warranty.

The eco-shake is an excellent roofing product for all climates and is ideally suited for both residential and commercial use.

Eco-shakes are available in three desirable colors to better replicate a weathered wood shake roof. Custom colors are available. Eco-shakes are pre-packaged in random widths of 5, 7 and 12 inches, and are 22 inches in length.


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