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Hemp And Cotton Shower Curtains.
Shower Curtain Hemp Shower Curtain Hemp canvas

Our 100% hemp canvas shower curtain is made from premium quality certified organic hemp that is processed without chemicals or pesticides of any kind.

Hemp is the perfect shower curtain material as it is durable. It has been known also to be naturally anti-fungal & anti-bacterial.

The hemp fabric, which is naturally UV-resistant, has always been legendary for its strength and wear-and-tear resistance: up until the turn of the century (before synthetics came along) hemp was the fiber of choice for seafarers and outdoors people everywhere. In fact, 95% of the world's ships' sails were made from hemp canvas, which stands up with ease to years and years of constant exposure to salt, water, air, sun, and rough use (the word canvas itself came from the Greek word--by way of Dutch--for hemp).

Shower Curtain cotton Shower Curtain Cotton canvas

Natural or white cotton shower curtain of durable and beautiful natural or white (hydrogen-peroxide bleached) cotton fabric with rustproof nickel plated brass grommets. The curtain will stop water from spraying outside your shower without a plastic liner. The shower curtain will get wet but will not leak through. It will rapidly air dry which slows mold growth associated with plastic liners.

The cotton is processed without chlorine bleach, dyes and finishes normally used in the industry.

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